​​Myrazine LLC 

​EU Natural Ingredients from Fermentation


Myrazine LLC,formerly known as Cheng Smith LLC, and Abioco, started its search for Natural materials in 2000, when we started to import natural alcohols from China.  China's liquor fermentation technology is as old as the country. Chinese liquor is​ unique, because it is fermented from grains, such as rice, wheat, corn, and barleys. With bacteria or microorganism present in the fermentaiton, Chinese liquor is rich in flavours. It is reported that there are  over 100 flavour materials in the liquor fermentation broth. During the production,  the "good" liquor is distilled out, and the "bad" alcohols are dumped as "was​tes" before 1980s. Fusel oil is regarded and dumped as the "bad" one during the production. 

Today, every single ton of the liquor fermentation "wastes" --- fusel oil, has been physically distilled. Alcohols from these distillations are methyl alcohol, ethanol, propanol, butanol, iso-butanol, iso-amyl alcohol, etc.  Most of the alcohols  are used by the flavour and fragrances industry as raw materials, which eventually go into the beverages, food, and some daily products. According to the US and EU regulations about natural ingredients, materials from fermentation are regarded as "natural". 

Our products are from these fermentation broth. By using our proprietary process, we fractionate our products by using world class equipment made in the United States. In our production,  we do not use petroleum solvents as catalysts. And our production method is physical distillation and fractionation.